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Sullivan School Visits

    I enjoy chatting with young writers about writing and my books. I started writing when I was 14, so I well remember the frustrations of a young writer.

    Here is a sample of some of the talks or workshops I have given. If you have a particular topic in mind, email me.


In this motivational presentation, I share a bit about my own history as a science fiction/fantasy writer, but also will give young writers practical advice on getting published. Each participant will receive a summary of publications that accept works by young writers. A question and answer session and booksigning will follow.

Facility Requirements: Display table for author.
Age Level: 10 and up. Adaptable through high school.

Getting Beyond "What does it look like?"

Using the What-Where-Why method, students will design characters for fantasy or science fiction stories (their choice) and explore (in groups or individually) how creating a character can develop the beginnings of a story. In the What section, young authors will work together to select adjectives for character description using the five senses and then develop their own characters to share with the group.

Facility Requirements: Display table for author, LCD or overhead projector and whiteboard if possible. Workspace for each child, preferably a table and a chair for each child, but activities can be done without a workspace if each child has a notebook or other hard writing surface to work on.
Age Level: 10 and up. Adaptable from middle school through high school.


There is no travel fee for events within four hours drive of Winona, MN. Basic travel and transportation costs requested for visits further afield, although if a book signing and sale is arranged in conjunction with the visit, that request will be waived. Check here for current appearances.

All rates are negotiable, so if you have a special need, feel free to contact me to discuss your request. I would be happy to adapt my events to best suit your wishes.

For current availability, check here or contact me.

        Goodview Elementary School

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