Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide

    The Teacher’s Guide comes in paper with a CD of the guide in pdf for printing the reproducible pages. Email me to obtain the guide.



  • Skills Chart

  • Management Options

  • A Short Synopsis

  • About the Genre

  • About the Author

  • Lesson 1

  • Lesson 2

  • Lesson 3

  • Lesson 4

  • Creative Thinking Reproducible Pages

  • Now it’s your Turn: Write Your Own Story

    The guide is approximately 37 pages long. Lessons include vocabulary development, literary concepts such as characters, setting, and dialogue, comprehension checks, outside activities, map work and a crossword puzzle.

    If you’ve developed your own activities to be used with my books, I’d love to hear from you!

    A teacher’s guide for The Crystal Throne was developed by Cathy N. Miller, who has also designed guides for Outside Time and Regardless of Time by Cathy Miller and The Barrier Stone by Sherry Mathewson

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